Friday, January 09, 2004

If you have ever lived in Lagos. You will know...

Fifteen million people on a postage-stamp sized piece of swampland.
No wonder we are all going mad. "Believing God" for sanity. For prosperity.
We are dying of AIDS, of bribery and corruption, of stupidity and ignorance.
Dying to be rich, to be free. To become Americans and go to heaven.

Who will kiss our faith away and make our national testicles descend?


Why do this?
Why not?

A gentle ego massage will be good for the bruises -
This Blog will do just fine...

I shall post a fragment of a poem...
... and begin my chronicle of a Third World urban apocalypse.


No shots fired, no burning flags.
No summary executions of
The tyrants and the money-bags.

Still, we have witnessed well enough,
In the hollow eyes of beggar-boys,
A sense of coming round again

To where we are - how time destroys
And then rebuilds all hope, all pain.


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