Sunday, March 03, 2013

Surface Pro–It’s an ultra-book… really.

The reviews have ranged from the fawning to the the outright hostile. Well, mostly hostile:  this computer inspires a lot of negative passion (par for the course for most things from Microsoft).



But here’s the funny thing. I discovered that when you actually use one, something unusual happens: the simple utility of the computer supersedes all previous criticism. Simply put, this thing shines in use.

This is a full on PC. An honest-to-goodness, no compromises Intel core i5 CPU with 4Gb of memory, and in this case, a 128Gb SSD (yes, not all of the storage is free because the OS takes up a chunk of it; but isn’t that the same as every laptop on the planet?). So far, so ultrabook-like. Strangely, what a lot of reviewers don’t like is that this beast can be used without a keyboard for some things. I have yet to discover how this is somehow a fault.

Used as a tablet, the device offers insight into the future of computing. This is what I see: powerful desktop-class computing devices that can be slung around like tablets and paired with keyboards, mice, styluses and other such devices

The form-factor is designed for use on a desk rather than on your lap. It can do either and it is arguably better than most tablets but not as comfortable ergonomically as a laptop. It’s heavier than it’s Surface RT sibling but with effectively higher resolution on the screen and a decent wacom stylus in the mix, things even out somewhat.

On the whole, I think Microsoft has delivered on the promise of the initial Surface launch. A no compromise device that can handle computing and tablet needs. There are areas for improvement like battery life and the form factor in general but overall, Surface is brilliant. I’m keeping mine.

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